Welcome to the Lucy Hynam Blog!

Hey there and welcome to my first ever blog post!

Helping others has become a defining part of my life. Those I have met and (hopefully) helped throughout the years have in all honestly given far more to me than I could ever give to them. They gave my life a sense of purpose when I couldn’t find one and the relationships built have helped me grow into the person I am today. So, this blog will aim to show how helping others has, in fact, helped me. Which I hope will encourage you to actively think of ways to enrich the lives of those around you or possibly the lives of those you have never met!

Some of the amazing team members in Romania in 2018

Throughout six years or nine trips to Romania, I have accumulated a vast number of stories of those I have met along the way! As well as experiencing things myself that have shaped me throughout my teenage years to the person I am today. So, I hope for this blog to become a platform in which I can finally share these stories that I have carried with me in the last six years. Although many of my readers may not be Christian, I also hope that those who are not can relate to many other parts of my blog! Connecting if not through faith, but through a love for those less privileged than themselves.

The shoe boxes being delivered that day being loaded into the back of the van.

The environment is another passion of mine, so I plan to use this platform to share the ways I am trying to be more aware of my impact on the environment. As well as highlighting the ways I have altered my lifestyle to be more sustainable. I have recently graduated from Aberystwyth University, so I also hope to share all of the tools and skills that helped me throughout my degree in International Politics and Global Development. As I have already mentioned, I have had the pleasure of working with incredible people throughout the years. So, this blog will also be publishing guest blogs as well as hosting different activists and personal inspirations, whom I can’t wait for you to meet!

So please stick with my whilst I create insightful articles surrounding all that I am passionate about!

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