Meg is on a mission!

‘Yes, it helps having inspirational people in my life, but I think I always wanted to be a part of mission and I believe that is God’s plan for me’ – Megan Reeves

Meg (central) delivering shoe boxes in Romania in December 2019

When we speak of mission in Romania, we use the metaphor of sowing seeds in children’s lives. However, in the case of sisters Rachel Lee and Jane Jones one seed was sowed far closer to home. As far as following in the footsteps of your family goes, Megan Reeves (formerly Lee), shows how young people are shaped by influential role models in their life.

It was touching to discover in her own words how Meg has been shaped by those in her life who are passionate about mission, her mother Rachel Lee and her auntie Jane Jones. Rachel has been involved with the Romania CASA camps since the get-go coined as ‘Mother Tereasa to the children’ by Megan. With her auntie Jane having worked for ‘Eurovangelism’ as TEN was formally known. They have given Meg an incredible outlook and inspired her from a very young age to think of those less fortunate than herself. Raising her with a passion for mission and developing in her words ‘a more caring and giving heart’.

Meg and I in Romania in 2015

Through Meg’s 25 trips since 2007, she has developed a deep love for the CASA Grace team, returning every time with the feeling that she’s coming home to family. CASA has brought joy to so many families, reflecting in their actions God’s overwhelming love and grace. Anyone who has met Meg can truly see how she too tries to replicate that in her own life, following the CASA team in spending each day working for the Lord.

COVID-19 has affected every aspect of our lives and the CASA Grace Camp in August is no exception. Like the rest of the team, Megan is gutted that she will miss what is to her the highlight of her year! ‘Not seeing the children’s faces and not being able to hug the CASA team, is so hard to comprehend’, but next year promises a camp full of renewed vigour and excitement!

Exploring the city of Oradea (Photo taken by Martha Morton)

Previously published in the TEN Connect Magazine, October 2020.

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