Weightlifting Pastor: “Everyone is the same when they are on that weightlifting bar.”

(Credit: Victor Freitas)

Pastor Ryan Morton discovered that religion didn’t always bring prisoners to his sessions, but the competitions sure did.

Repair Café: “It’s not just about things it’s about people.”

(Credit: Repair Cafe Wales)

A van will rent and bring a new lease of life to people’s beloved items around Cardiff this summer. Why should we fix our broken things?

Mental health and well-being: Key to Housing association project for Cardiff communities

(Credit: Hapi Cymru)

Newydd’s community regeneration project, Hapi has expanded to Cardiff to also benefit those who don’t live in their homes.

Kier Starmer’s unpopularity: ‘He just doesn’t inspire people’

(Credit Keir Starmer)

More than 24% of Labour voters have an unfavourable opinion of Keir Starmer. How could this impact the results of the upcoming Senedd election?

Rewilding Cardiff: Thousands of trees to be planted across the capital in the fight against climate change

(Credit: Jan Huber)

Cardiff Council has received a £200,000 grant to plant 800 hectares of trees across the city. What is Cardiff doing to reach its Carbon Zero plans?

Veganism: Why is it more difficult for men to quit meat and dairy?

Despite veganism growing in popularity in the UK, research suggests that 80% of vegans are women. Why are plant-based diets still so gendered?

A Cardiff Health-tech company has received a six-figure investment for its revolutionary menopause app

Health & Her has received funding from the Development Bank of Wales for their holistic menopause app.

Smear test: ‘If you leave it, it could affect your chances of being a mother’

(Credit: Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust)

Over six-hundred thousand women could miss their routine cervical cancer screening during the pandemic, the #SmearforSmear campaign is trying to change that.

Welsh start-up revolutionising the early detection of bowel cancer through a simple blood test

(Credit: CanSense Ltd)

CanSense research promises a shift towards the earlier diagnosis of bowel cancer that will save thousands of lives and millions of pounds for the NHS.

The Bristol and Bath Cycle Path: The perfect place for an autumn stroll

The iconic cycle Path between Bristol and Bath is the best way to spend a sunny afternoon.